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Workers Compensation

Main objectives:

  • Improve health and safety standards at workplace

  • Assist workers to return to productive work after work related injuries

  • Adequately and efficiently compensate injured workers

Three major components of Work Cover

1. Occupational Health and Safety
2. Rehabilitation
3. Compensation

What is workers compensation?

Workers Compensation insurance provides:

  • Financial benefits

  • Other assistance

For injured workers and / or their families whether or not the injured worker was at fault.

When is Compensation paid?

  • Death or incapacity of worker

  • Permanent loss or impairment of part of the body or at faculty

  • Medical, hospital and related treatment

  • Rehabilitation

Who can claim workers compensation?

  • A person who is a worker or a deemed worker under the Workers Compensation Act.

Employers Obligations

  • Provide safe/healthy workplace

  • Have workers compensation

  • Keep records of wages

  • Send injured workers compensation claim form within 7 days

  • Not dismiss a person within 6 months

  • Notify insurer if unable to employ worker

  • Home register of injuries book

  • Establish work place rehabilitation

  • Display program

Failure to insure may incur the following:

  • Maximum penalty of $20,000

  • Penalty premiums

  • Liability for the cost of claims.

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