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Information and Assistance

Analysis of small business failures point to lack of management information and the lack of skill and experience of the operator.

Information and Assistance is there for the asking.

Own Research

Reynolds, Savage & Williams suggest:

  • Visit competitors

  • Go to exhibitions

  • Attend conferences

  • Enrol is small business courses

  • Use your own experience

  • Talk to other small business owners

  • Join small business groups or associations

  • Use the research section in your capital city library

  • Talk to suppliers

The Professionals

  • Accountant

  • Solicitor

  • Bank manager

  • Insurance Broker

  • Consultant

Accountant provides advice in all financial matters, and incidental advice in legal matters, financing, taxation and so on.
Solicitor provides services and advice including contracts, agreements etc.
Bank manager provides range of loans and credit facilities.
Insurance Broker can place range of insurances & superannuation with any insurance company at best cover and competitive rate.

Consultants help with things like management, marketing, production and finance.

Government Departments

Government Departments where you get help:
1. Department of Fair Trading
2. Australian Tax Office
3. Australian Consumer and Competition Commission
4. Department of Industrial Relations
5. Department of Employment, Training & Youth Affairs.

Publications for Help

  • Trade Journals

  • Government Publications

  • Directories

Trade Association

  • Industry specific information & assistance

Business Enterprise Centre

  • Advisory & Counseling service

  • Skills training courses

  • Seminars & Workshops

Visiting a Library

  • Reference & Computer search facilities

If you are looking a getting into business or are already in business, Tony Taktak & Associates can show how to build wealth, through long - term investments.


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