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Tony Taktak & Associates was founded on the belief that, in order to run efficiently and profitably, all business need the comprehensive, single sourced financial services not usually available at a reasonable cost.
Our streamlined procedures can help to organise and control your financial data by translating it into concise and meaningful information which supports your daily business operations.
Simply send us each month your: wages listing, bank statement(s) with cheque stub and deposit descriptions.
In return, every month, we’ll:

  • Balance and reconcile your cheque account

  • Prepare all journals and ledgers to confirm with ATO requirements

  • Prepare Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets

  • Update wages records and prepare the quarterly BAS form

The benefits of our accounting services are manifold. They include:

  • Evaluation of your present record keeping system and recommendations to ensure that your business has up to date financial information

  • Preparation of accurate financial reports to provide the information you need for responsible decision – making

  • No charge telephone consultations. Answers to questions are as close as your telephone – without a stopwatch or billings for “conference” time

  • Cost effective data processing services for wages,

  • tailoring the record system and monthly operating statements to the client’s needs;

  • assisting in setting sales and profit goal;

  • preparing and assisting in planning for taxes;

  • establishing financial controls and reporting system;

  • providing monthly profit and loss and other financial statements;

  • analysing the business and making specific recommendations.

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