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Business Registration

Business Name

Operating your business under a business name, you have certain obligations.

  • The principle objective in the registration of business name is to protect the public by providing a public register where particulars of persons carrying on business can be registered and made available for inspection.

  • All names other than your own name must be registered.

  • The name must not be used by any other person, must not be offending and should not indicate some connection with the Crown or the Government.

  • The business name must be displayed at every place of business.

  • Renewal of Business Name every three years.

  • Business Name must be printed / written on every letter, invoice, receipt or other document used by the business.

  • Notify changes in particulars.

Logos and Trade Marks

Speak to your solicitor or patent attorney about registrations.

Australian Business Number (ABN)

A single identifying number for each business entity for dealings with government department on all levels.
Business report to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) their business tax entitlements and obligations on single form called a Business Activity Statement (BAS).
All entities carrying on business can register for GST. Hobbyists and employees cannot register for GST.
Entities carrying on business must register for GST if:

  • Annual turnover above threshold of $50,000 ($100,000 or more if non- profit organisation).

  • If annual turnover below threshold may choose not to register, however cannot claim GST credits.

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