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Operating a Business from Home

If you are considering operating a business from home, Council may wish to be assured that your activities do not involve:

  • Factory

  • Employment of other persons

  • Interference with amenity

  • Selling of goods

Four main categories of operating from home

1. Home Occupation
2. Home Office
3. Home industry
4. Professional consulting rooms

Home Occupation

  • Means an occupation/business carried on in a house or flat by the permanent residents

Home Office

  • Means an office/business comprising part of the house or flat in which the occupation is predominantly information based and carried out by the permanent residents.

  • The office does not employ more than two people who live away from the house or flat.

Home Industry

  • Means an industry carried on in a building (other than a house or flat)

  • The building does not exceed a floor space ration of 50 square meters and is erected within the curtilage of the house or flat and occupied or owned by the person carrying on the business.

  • The industry does not interfere with the amenity of the locality.

Professional Consulting Room

  • Means a room or number of rooms forming part of a house or flat and used by not more than 1 legally qualified medical practioner or not than more than 1 dentist.

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