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There are two types of finance:

1. Equity
2. Debit

Equity Finance

  • Owner or Investor funds

  • Capital not always repaid Owner or Investor retains

  • Net Equity

Debit Finance

  • Borrowed funds

  • Loans repaid in a specific time

  • Loans repaid from profits

Finance is used for:

  • Start up facilities

  • Working Capital

  • Expansion / Growth

  • Asset Purchase

  • Reduce Loans / Debts / Liabilities

  • Return funds to owner

Other Sources of Finance:

  • Revenue / Retained Profits

  • Sale of Assets

  • New Loans / Debt

  • New capital from owners (new partnership / shareholders)

Factors that influence supply of finance from the lending Institutions

  • Industry

  • Your Equity

  • Purpose of funds

  • Capacity to repay funds / Repayment arrangement

  • Your past business history

  • Risk image of your business and the industry

  • Financial position and plans

  • Security available

Source of funds:

  • Trading Banks

  • Savings Banks

  • Finance Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Credit Unions

  • Building Societies

  • Solicitors Funds

If you are looking a getting into business or are already in business, Tony Taktak & Associates can show how to build wealth, through long - term investments.


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